Gun box

Under cover gun box for Dodge charger

Smart lock engineering  steel reinforcement.

Gun Box reinforcement

Lock reinforcement for police gun box

Gun lock reinforcement

extra lock reinforcement for gun boxes


Metal plate

Steel reinforcement plate


cipher lock steel reinforcement

Steel reinforcement for gun box










law enforcment

police cabinet for SUV

CsI vehicle storage, origination



Rapid access

Rapid access

Ford interceptor storage

Tactical rear SUV police storage

watch commander cabinet for suv

Ford Explorer Watch Commander Cabinet


TCC builds your cabinets from the ground up.

TCC builds hand crafted cabinets to any specification. Layouts are designed to the specific work needs of your department.

Feel free to call or email us to discuss what materials are available to you for the building of your custom tactical cabinet. We also build consoles,and can use real wood burl to match the dash.

If you have any questions feel free to phone, text or email


Chevy Vehicle tactical command post

Command cabinet

This storage system has a map and dry erase board built in

Police cabinetry for ford interceptor

Mini Command post storage

vehicle gun box

undercover detective gun box for Honda civic


  1. Looking for a gun safe to fit into a 2015/16 Jeep Renegade, with foam inserts for 2 striped down 32 inch shotguns.
    High security locks required.

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