Cabinets In Stock

Command boards

command unit with dry erase boards



Command unit for Tactical crime scene

Police Command Cabinets in stock

Most storage systems are in stock and ready to buy. We design storage systems for the Ford Explorer SUV the Chevy Tahoe and many other SUV’S The watch commander, sergeant’s vehicle and the PD unit’s can be customized to suit you department’s needs. We also have SUV Mini Watch Command Systems in stock. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Mini Watch Command Model# EX2240





              Police, S.W.A.T. Gun and tactical storage system MODEL #EXLK6000

Tatical command cabinet




             Patrol Unit in Line-x Model PDLX350

Police ford explorer cabinet storage

PD unit with anti skid tray




                                               Pull Out Map Drawer Model EXMD6000




                   MODEL # FEXDRY 4000

gun box and tactical unit

Gun box and tactical unit




                  Back seat design Model# S.W.A.T. 1600 Rapid access

Rapid access

Rapid access

This SUV cabinet design is for the police departments gang unit



                        RS 500 S.W.A.T. rear seat lock drawer pullout




                  Model# DGUNBX2000 Dodge charger undercover gun box

police gun cabinet

police gun storage, Under cover Dodge charger




Gun Box reinforcement

Lock reinforcement for police gun box




                                                      FORENSIC COMMAND POST

                                           CSI COMMAND POST MODEL# CSI3500X

CSI vehicle storage, organization




CSI storage, Tactical forensic storage


CSI unit

Tactical forensic unit


The police gun box is designed for the ford suv sports interceptor utility vehicle. It has the go keyless combination lock








Suv ford explorer command cabinet

Command cabinet




Public Works Model PW1824

public works truck

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  1. Hi Jim
    Thank you for contacting us
    We have built for hybrids in the past.
    We do custom design for tactical weapons storage in all of our cabinets.
    If you give us a footprint and height size we can build

    Our email is phone or Text 310 918 6006

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