We are a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement agency for police and fire located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. We have been acquainted with these Tactical Command Cabinets, LLC for more than two years and working with the owner, Niall McKeown to develop quality wood organizers and command boxes for police and fire use. To date, we are very pleased with the systems that Tactical Command Cabinets, LLC has designed for our us.

So many of the command boxes and other types of vehicle rear organizers systems on the market for use by public safety agencies are very generic and don’t offer many options. Most of the pre-fabricated units are made out of particle board or metal. Those units are heavy, shipping is expensive, they also rattle and make a lot of noise. We have learned that every department has different needs for their police, fire and patrol units and that less is better. By limiting the amount of space and drawers, the officers will be less likely to fill them with junk. Designing and making cabinets with a minimum amount of space reduces weight and the clutter.

Having the ability to work with experienced designers and to have them help create your own command box or organizer is a huge plus. We have seen time after time that working with Tactical Command Cabinets, LLC, our end users experience 100% satisfaction.

The quality is unlike anything available on the market. The wood is of the finest quality and there are many options for the type of finish. The weight of the product is not excessive and the drawers can be lined in carpet or foam to help reduce noise. Spring-loaded drawer backs keep them from bouncing in stop and go driving.

A secure combination lock system can also be incorporated to secure guns or ammo on request. Computers and radio heads can be custom fitted with an importance level set for technical maintenance access and user-friendly operations.

Working with the limited vehicle types available for law enforcement was a challenge at first. Our departments were researching options of each type of vehicle set up. With an ever-growing list of vendors trying to keep up with the wants and needs of the departments, we find it takes a while before products catch up to the specifications, when a new line of vehicles is introduced.

Tactical Command Cabinets, LLC has been all over Souther California, accommodating the needs of each type of vehicle and it’s my opinion as well as all of the cities we serve, that they have accomplished the task of designing the best configuration for each vehicle that our agencies utilize. We have had cabinets for police, fire and public works built in a wide array of design layouts. Some have been what I would call standard design and others are custom and detailed to fit a department’s specific needs. We couldn’t be happier to have installed these units and to have Tactical Command Cabinets, LLC as our partner.

I think I’m qualified to say, based on my background and knowledge, that of all the products offered and the options available Tactical Command Cabinets, LLC are the best on the market. If anyone is shopping for a quality custom-built command box or organizer that is designed to meet your specific needs--LOOK NO MORE! Contact Tactical Command Cabinets, LLC.

- Christopher Cox - SBRPCA


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