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Niall McKeown

We are dedicated group of woodworkers who design and build storage solutions for law enforcement vehicles.

WE  listen, design and deliver a quality product, we furnish new solutions for  vehicle storage.

The back of the  ford explorer sports interceptor becomeds a mimi command center, (fourth photo)


I grew up in Derry, Northern Ireland. In October, 1987, with an apprenticeship in joinery under my belt, I emigrated to the United States. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joiner

In the US, I went into cabinet making and proceeded to make this country my home. I have been honored to work for/with some very talented woodworkers over the years and have learned something from all of them. The one continual thing I have learned about this craft is to be organized –first and foremost. It cuts down on mistakes and helps keep the quality to the trade standard.

In 2001 I started my own business, McKeown Design. I designed and built everything from kitchens and bathrooms to staircases and artistic, one of a kind pieces of furniture.

I have found it really interesting working with law enforcement and fire departments. Like in my work, I believe organization is truly critical for both. Every department has their own unique requirements and I have found it really enjoyable engineering ways to keep all of their equipment organized.

At tactical command cabinets we can build to your specification. We use a line-x finish on many of our command cabinets Police departments like the strength and durability.

Our mini command center is getting popular, the unique design allows you to pull out boards lock and go

The command cabinets we build are hand made, using a wet glue on edge banding. It takes a little more time but we believe the bond is stronger than a pressure contact cement. We use solid birch hardwood on plywood edges for extra strength.


    • Hi Zachary
      We can custom build what you need, if you can give us a footprint size and height to confirm. We can design something.
      Feel free to call or email us tcctenfour@gmail or phone 310 918 6006.
      Thank you

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