Tactical cabinet design

Our tactical storage units have strength engineered into them. We use bolts and tee nuts for areas of the cabinet that get the heaviest use to insure reliability.

combination lock’s for a Tactical command cabinet for the Police Ford Explorer.

We use carful engineering insuring lock strength and cabinet weight. This photo is of a prototype of a Tactical command cabinet to make sure there are no problems with the locking mechanism. Some companies fall into a problem when they overbuild and under engineer a product they have designed. Carful command cabinet building: The right thickness […]

New Ideas for S.W.A.T. SUV Tactical storage

We came with a new Tactical storage solution for the new Ford Sports Utility Interceptor. If the rear 2/3’s  seat is removed you have room for one officer in the back and ample storage. These photos  are an example.  

Tactical support

More Ford Explorers are entering the law enforcement market. SUV’s are a good solution for todays tactical storage. Knowing were equipped is stored in each vehicle is key. Having a custom designed storage system for your department might be a good  option.  

New ways to store Tactical Equipment

Our Mini Watch Command was specially designed for incident command situations involving fire, police, EMS and other public works vehicles. Complete with vertical incident command boards, now your agency can have a board on each side of the command area – even room for a horizontal pull out if needed. Our tactical command boards allow […]